1d42 Roleplay Wiki

A formula book that belongs to Tristan Murk. It is used to store all of Tristan's different formulas.

Information included is what's needed to make one and additional notes made by Tristan.

Faster movements[]

Decreases the muscles' friction to increase any movement the user does. The effect lasts for a couple of minutes and people not used to it will break a lot of bones.

Tristan's notes: When used at fighters, make sure that fighter won't be able to backstab you while the effect still lasts. Trained samurai can use the effect to its fullest. Make a formula that welds together the victim's bones.


A formula that creates itchy, purple abscesses where the formula ws injected. The itchings start out barerly noticeable, but increases the more you itch at it.

The effects stays for 24 hours until the abscesses disappear with the itching.

Tristan's notes: Good for self-defence. Inject and itch the abscesses before the opponent has time to react.


Shrinks the victim to a third of its current length.

Tristan's notes: Works on raptors, as expected.


A strange formula that scrambles the victim's genetic code. What will happen is totally random, hence the name. Due to its untable blend, victims often dies of it.

Memorable victims[]

Cuthor - Shrinkinizer. Joined Tristan and wanted him to make Cuthor big again. Spancer - Randomizer. Players think he will turn into a big monster and seek revenge.

Minako Otou - Faster movements. Used with approval to help defeating a troll.