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The Last Draniad is the continuation on the scene that happened between The Mysterious Origin of Lucas Miller and The Curse of von Sage, where a huge monster called the Beast of the Abyss was released into the world.

After getting dragged to an island in the middle of nowhere, recognised as Vulcar's old island, our heroes must uncover the mystery of the Beast while trying to survive on the bare island while at the mercy of a powerful water magician.

What they manage to learn during the stay on the island really surprised them...


Martin - GM and Vimia Teol

Merial - Merial Wenir and her guards

RandomNumberGod - Vulcar Draniad

Alex - Lucas Miller and Elyn Calzolari


The party

Vimia Teol

Merial Wenir

Vulcar Draniad

Lucas Miller

Elyn Calzolari


Clemence East

Gjorin Groveler

Important NPCs

Ninda Rocyn


Arcan Draniad

The Beast of the Abyss

Minor NPCs



Coming soon™

Plot Notes[]

Merial proposes to Vulcar, twice.

Lucas leaves the party and Elyn joins the party.


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