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Savages in the Wilderness (Swedish: Vildar i Vildmarken) is a roleplaying game based on a short movie Martin and his friends once made. It doesn't focus much on rules but more of roleplaying itself.


The game is set in the Viking age, where Vikings and Bandits roam the world. The best way of travel is on the sea, and the world is far from fully discovered.


The game uses five different stats, with two being standard game stats. While the stats are used for their respective situations, they also give points to other things.

Strength - Decides the character's bonus damage.

Endurance - How many actions the character can do during his/her turn.

Courage - Gives favourpoints and bonuspoints.

Mysticism - Allows the character to use magic.

Faith - The character may choose up to three Nordic gods or similar that he/she can get support from when needed.


There are 2 factions and 9 classes one can choose to be. The final 3 classes are free classes and can be chosen by both Vikings and Bandits. Every class has different start stats and point distribution.

Viking only classes:

Berserker - A strong warrior-type class.

Hunter - Fast and nimble. Attacks from afar, but can attack close too.

Viking - Lords of the sea, pretty much.

Bandit only classes:

Bandit - Attacks in group to ambush transports or attack villages.

Barbarian - Vicious savages.

Spy - Sneaky and stealthy.

Free classes:

Mystics - Summons the power of magic for either good or bad.

Merchant - Trades goods for profit.

Thrall - Slaves working for others. May or may not be treated like dirt.

Game manipulation[]

It's possible to manipulate the outcome of the game using favourpoints and bonuspoints.


Due to the game's rules of rarely splitting the party, there might be some discussion of where to go or what to do. Maybe they cannot decide hoe to divide the loot.

Cue favourpoints! A player calls something and pays a number of favourpoints and unless another player pays more, what that player says ges. The player can even stack points to each others suggestions if they so wish.

It should be noted that it's impossible to win over the GM with favourpoints since he always has the current highest bet+42.


Another way of making the game go the direction is to use bonuspoints. This can be used to increase your rolls until you succeed with your action. Unlike favourpoints, bonuspoints cannot be used to increase another character's rolls.

Both favourpoints and bonuspoints will regenerate over time.



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