1d42 Roleplay Wiki

Here we list the various running gags that has appeared in our RPGs.

Shut up, Lucas![]

Origin: The Roleplaying game, The Amulet's Secret. Lucas had insulted Adam von Sage, resulting in the gag by Martin.

Usage: Whenever one of Exel's characters says something insulting about a character (while not usually being present) Martin character usually shouts this to the off-screen character.

Okay, so.../Anyway.../Go ooon.../Continue[]

Origin: Used all the time. Started being used by Martin but was later taken on by the others.

Usage: Used to (try) getting the plot back on track.

*raises eyebrow*[]

Origin: The Roleplaying game, a favourable and often used action of Merial.

Usage: Used to note various forms of feelings when used by Palmtop Dragon.

Michael says "Hi."[]

Origin: The epic Organisation character Michael in Anilogics. Michael made an epic entrance and walked over spreading his epic aura. When RandomNumberGod was to say what Michael was to say at one point without actually knowing what he was going to say, RandomNumberGod started "Michael says..." and left the sentance hanging. A few seconds into thinking what Michael should say, Walle (?) cut in. "Hi." Entire crew started laughing.

Usage: Used anytime someone epic should say something, and RandomNumberGod is not entirely sure what to say, he starts with "(insert epic character) says..." and leaves the sentance hanging, anyone can cut in with well chosen words to make the situation hillarious. Most frequently used for the origin target, Michael.

... if you know what I mean...[]

Origin: During a scene where Vulcar Draniad and Merial Wenir fell in love in the Roleplaying games there was a lot of times where the players tried to keep being PG rated, while suggesting naughty things. Somewhere around here, somebody noticed that by adding "if you know what I mean" could make anything sound naughty. Just listen to it, "He stopped by the bank to make a deposit, if you know what I mean..."

Usage: Unhealthy usage has occured in just about any situation where something naughty could be suggested, but it can also be added ANYWHERE for a wholly unappropiate situation to be imagened by all players. Usage is usually met with laughter-mixed disapproval.