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Rikardo deSoj


Human, Mountainpeople






Magician, searchmagics

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"We will find what we search for, with or without your help. Farewell."
-Rikardo to Merial in THe Amulet's Secret

Rikardo is an NPC of The Roleplaying game and the leader of the adventure group "The Canyon Crushers"


He has short, black hair with a long fringe. He is dressed in an adventure's clothing but has it mixed with some upper class dressing styles. Is rerely seen without his I'tuk bodyguard Tor'k Hanq.


Rikardo comes from a rich family from the Mountain region with his sister Gwenn. However, both of them wanted adventure and were often seen caving in the many caves around their recidence. However, as they got older Rikardo decided to be a Searchmagician with a promise that he would be able to find anything he wanted to. He left to the west for many years where he would be trained. He turned out to be quite efficient in the arts and returned to his home a few years later. He joined a group called Great Ambitions and was out adventuring in the areas around the Mountain region. Later he decided to create his own adventuring party with his sister and Tor'k Hanq, a friend from Great Ambitions.


Rikardo and his group made an appearance in The Amulet's Secret where it was revealed that they had followed the party using Rikardo's searchmagics to search for Nilvo. They had heard of the operation from a contact in the Stonie city but didn't have enough information about the party until they, by chance, saw Nilvo in a shop. They reached Castle von Sage a day after the party where they was spotted by Vulcar on the way down to the castle. Adam was quite happy to have more guests. Rikardo then wanted to speak to Nilvo and the rest of the party, first wanting the amulet, but then offeríng to join forces to solve the mystery.


Rikardo is the leader of the group "The Canyon Crushers" and is very skilled in various types of searchmagics. He leaves the fighting to his bodyguard and party.


A very calm person who thinks he can do whatever he wants like he owned everything. He is very respected by his party and he is a fair man.


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