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The Goons of the Ravantanian forces.

" Am I the only competent person around here?" - Random Goon Squad leader.

The Ravantanian Goons[]

The currently lowest known rank in the Ravantanian forces also the one rank that boosts the most manpower in the entire orginisation.

Mostly used in large numbers to overwhelm strong foes to make up for their lack of power, also there to support higher ranking officers when they themselves can't be everywhere at the same time.

Usually jooked around by higher officers due to their large number and uselessness in combat.


Follows the uniform like their life demanded on it ( in some cases it does. ) and is therefore always seen wearing the standard Ravantanian Goon uniform.


What the Goons is well known for lacking being able of being matched by the most basic of Aether powers and usually depends on large numbers to have any chance against higher.

They are however, atleast some of them adapt in using weapons such as guns and swords to back up their lacking powers. But most of the time it's still not enough to take down a strong Aether user.


They first appeared inside the ruined city of Narme which the Ravantanian army had previously sacked and then sent in large number of Goons to look for survivors or other peoples left behind in the rubbles.

They were however defeated by an Orderate Strike team that forced them into a quick retreat before Murdbar Drearbun appeared and forced Strike team away calling in more reinforcements, probably including even more Goons.


"What are you going to use as shelter?" - RandomNumberGod

"Raventanians?" - Martin as an answer


- They are usally considered the redshirts of the Aetheras Roleplaying game and is the enemy that the players will probably cut through in large numbers without much effort at all.