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Humans (81%) Stonies (7%) Fieries (8%) Grasslis (3%) Thuns (1%)

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Origo is the capital of the Land in The Roleplaying game.


Origo lies on an island a few kilometres southwest from the Land. Pretty much all of its north and west side contains the town while only the south and east sides still is relatively unbuilt on. There is an unactive volcano on the east side where the council of the Land is located. A winding trail on the outside the volcano is required to reach the council. The city itself is heavily influenced of Rome from around 7 A.D with marble temples and structures. There are parks and beautiful gardens spread all ecross the city and farms are located on the hills of the volcano. A river flows through the city from the north to southwest. The city got an invisible energy around it that blocks magic, and olny a few are able to use magic inside.


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Notable buildings[]

The council[]

It is at the coucil on the volcano where the Land is ruled by all races. They rarely allow visitors but is one of the most beautiful buildings on the island.

The Paladin HQ[]

The headquarters of the Paladin order. Was founded by the first Paladin, Dolores del Giusto Aiuto, in Tepidus fourth of the second week, 2781. She swore to protect and support the Leader and had got support from the council.


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  • Was first concidered to be named Romani.