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Lord Adam von Sage


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"That is not an excuse not to be in front of me when I cast the spell!"
-What Adam said in RandomNumberGod's "Potentional Case: Failing Illusionist Villian Version" rant

Lord Adam von Sage is an NPC for The Roleplaying game. He is the owner of the Von Sage castle.


Basically, Lord Adam is based of off Adam Savage from MythBusters. He has the same hair colour and facial expression, but Adam Von Sage's hair is long and combed back. Also, he doesn't wear any glasses nor contacts.




Turned out to be the one kidnapping and brainwashing Vimia in Amulet's Secret, and in the end was killed by Merial.

Adam returned briefly between the Hunt for Shadowbane and The Mysterious Origin of Lucas Miller where he taunted (and hypnitized) Merial, starting up the events for The Curse of Von Sage.

Was finally confronted and killed in The Curse of Von Sage after the party had collected and broken the spell on 10 rubies Adam had used in their first adventure to power his time-stopping machine.


Except for owning a big castle and its servants, nothing much.

Oh, yeah. And he's a half-vampire meaning he can use his cape to fly, hypnotize people and turn them to his undead slaves, all the while not having all the weaknesses as a normal vampire.


Adam is a happy, good-going man who enjoys a good read. He is very social and doesn't treat others like dirt, not even his many servants. He usually dresses up in robes (his favourite type of clothing) and is rarely seen in casual clothes.

Most of this where af course changed after his (first) death, where he turned into a monster filled with hatred, wanting revenge on Merial. Still he never lied once.


"...this is just the beginning." -Adam's final words


  • Adam is not the only character to be based of off MythBusters. Adam and the main butlers have MythBuster names and it all started because Walle imagined one of the butlers as Jamie.
  • Adam was supposed to act and look like something else, but due to the evolution of the adventure, this is what he became.