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"Wouldn't it be more fun if everything was... different? Wouldn't it be more fun if this was all... Destroyed?"
-Gouhi Shiho making a first impression on Rodney Oshiro

Shiho is a student at Kamachi School and one of the first NPC's to present herself to the players.


Moderately long, quite pretty 16 year old girl with pink hair arranged into twin tails. Her facial appearance is usually looking quite bored, as in leaning heavily as well as having half or whole closed eyes while awake. But when she gets amused or interested by something, her face lights up in a way that freaks most people out. She looks like she's on the edge of her sanity at those times.


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A smart girl that does not need to study to score well. Her skill is the skill to be able to do that. No one knows how she does it, and loads of people would go to great lengths for that very same skills. That comes with her second skill: Being great at not sharing this information with anyone.


Gouhi Shiho has, during the time she has spent at school, proven to be a person who's laziness is hard to match. She rarely did her homework, she had problems both at home and at school and there seemed to be no one that really knew how to save her. Except for the fact she never needed to be saved, because she boosts such high results at tests through sheer intelligence that people have come to just accept her for who she is.

Shiho is girl that rarely communicates with people. She's too lazy to. Anytime she is at school it is simply something she has to do, not an opportunity to do anything else, including getting new friends. Only time she communicates with anyone is if she finds them interesting, which is very rarely and the interest usually only lasts as long as the person is new. She is, however, very capable of smiling and laughing at a joke, but most people who have at any time triggered Shiho's laughter goes to great length to avoid doing so ever again. She subconsciously seem so evil when she giggles.

If a person tries to make friend with her, they'll find that she does not resist anyone who approaches. Though they'll also find that they will have to make all the contacting, as Shiho will never initiate contact herself. And will rarely come to appointed places at appointed times. But as a friend, Shiho's basic mass of intelligence can be put to real use by a manipulative friend...


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