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Fukuhara Ryouko
Ryouko`s trademark stare of delightness.









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"Y-you mean it? Wow!"
-Fukuhara Ryouko, upon being told of Aether as a joke by Okita Moe.

Fukuhara Ryouko is a student of Kamachi School and a classmate of the main characters. She is the little sister of Fukuhara Takaho.


A slightly short girl with short black hair and a innocent look on her face.


Both she and Takaho are completely normal kids in Japan, trying to live on their lives as normal.


Ryouko have appeared at several times during the game-play of Anilogics. Most of the time she has been fooled to believe one thing or another.

At one point, Okita Moe told her about Aether, which ironically enough actually was true. Ryouko believed every word, but her sister Takaho stepped in, slapped Moe, and then brought Ryouko away from the foul liar.

Another time, Takaho fooled Ryouko to believe that Moe had left the school for good, having realized her true calling as a criminal and was to walk a completely different path than all others on the school. Awkward hilarious situation ensued when Ryouko tearfully embraced Moe upon their fated reunion several seconds later.


The skill of being able to discard bad acts towards her and forget about it and live on like nothing had happened. Since she is as adorable as she is, most people just accept it and move on. There is a lot of people that would give a lot for this skill.


Ryouko is a pure, honest and innocent soul that floats around completely dependant on what other people say. Her mind is fleeting, her eyes grow huge by the tiniest miracle and she is so easily influencable that it has become a standard joke to tell her something extremely weird and watch in delight as she believes every word of it. The arts of knowing awe and being impressed is her second nature. Everything she does goes by someone telling her to do it. If anything happens, the first thing she does is ask what to do. In her world, there is no such thing as an unpleasant person or a lie. This despite growing up with Fukuhara Takaho as her sister, this meaning being told some foolishness every day, Ryouko takes this information and racks it up in her ever-growing pile of untrue information she'll forget within the week. If something turns out to be untrue, she'll just forget it at once, leaving no trace of the would-be information. That is just simply how she is.


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