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Cuthor is a raptor from Jerasena that was shrunk to the height of 50 cm and brought along the party by Tristan Murk.


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Cuthor was a completely normal unnamed raptor in the forests of England in Jerasena.


When Tristan departed from his lab, blowing it up in the faces of those following him, he made his way towards the nearest hole. At the site of the hole, a raptor, Cuthor, was standing in the way. Tristan patiently waited for the raptor to leave. Tristan then went through the hole. When walking through, Cuthor saw him. Cuthor then followed Tristan through the hole, away from Jerasena, as he thought Tristan easy prey. Tristan, that was checking his surroundings, noticed the raptor following him. Cuthor then Failed a Spot Check as he completely failed to see as the professor RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM walked towards him, took out an injector with the Skrinkinizer, stabbed it into the poor dinosaur and shrunk Cuthor to the height of 50 cm. When finally realizing what had happened it was all far too late. Tristan brought Cuthor along with him for his future adventures, much to the raptor's dismay.

There was a GM story generated event when the party passed through a hole into Farajill with the Project Prototype, where the Mech was drained of power and crashlanded into a heap of other aircraft that suffered similiar fates. All characters rolled for how they had managed the rough decent. Martin suggested he could roll for Cuthor, since everyone else had rolled for their characters. Unsurprisingly, Cuthor, not wearing a seatbelt, flied into the front screen and was splatted all over it. This sent Tristan into a wave of grief that could only be cured by the reunition with his old assistant Wilbert Hansen. Brad Mclane was then ordered to clean up the mess.


As a velociraptor Cuthor is a skilled hunter and a leathal preditor. Even at that size those claws and teeth hurt. Though they might be a tad less effective. Seemes to possess increased intelligence, and can understand what Tristan says to him.


At the chock of being tiny, Cuthor turned aggresive and mostly tried to bite anyone within range, though he liked trying to bite Tristan the most. In recent times however Cuthor have turned a bit less aggresive, maybe because he is being fed or because he have accepted his situation. But he still bites.


  • Cuthor's name is a direct reference to Q-T, the fuzzball of the Forgotten Universe roleplaying game.
  • Cuthor was the first character in the party to die.