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"I said I would protect you, and I WILL PROTECT YOU!"
-Cilantro, to a dying Kou

Cilantro is the split personality of Rodney, created by Aether.


Cilantro, being another personality of Rodney, shares his appearance, with his normal clothes being of a darker shade of Rodney's blue/white clothes. He doesn't look as aggressive as Rodney though.


Cilantro was created out of a wish to be someone else when Rodney drank Aether for the first time, having had a first rough week in Japan. Because of the hate and anger Rodney had at the time of drinking, Cilantro didn't become the Aether form of Rodney, but was pushed away and turned into a different personality.


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Cilantro, being basically Rodney, possesses all of Rodney's skills and memories up until the point of where he was created.

Cilantro's Aether power is shapeshifting which allows him to change into anyone he has looked into the eyes of. In order to morph he must focus on the one he want to morph into, and it will take 2 seconds for the morph to complete. If he gets interrupted during the morph he will get stuck as a mix of the shape he was and the one he was going to turn into, not being able to use the skills of any one of them until he finishes the morph.

He recently got the ability to change someone else, but only if he touches them and doesn't let go.


Like Rodney, Cilantro prefers to stay out of things that doesn't directly involve him, but is more social than the original self. Cilantro also takes promises seriously and wouldn't dream of consciously breaking one.

Another interesting thing to note about the personality is that Cilantro in incapable of showing certain negative emotions. Usually putting him in situations where he would get one would only result in him reverting back to Rodney, but in mode-locked situations (such as being in his Aether form) he will only be a neutral/blank like state.

Due to being unable to show anger and aggression, Cilantro cannot put extra force in physical attacks.




  • Platinum realised that Cilantro's power was becoming way to powerful as Martin experimented around with it, so he had to put in limits.
  • Cilantro got the power of morphing others because Martin decided to go through with a dramatic scene.