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Arae is a mage currently working under Horock Don Machinko.


None of the players have seen him. Can not let his description slip here in case of nerds.


While Arae studied magic and other things at school when young, his father let him study under him for the knowledge of a little bit more sensetive magic. Arae mastered Mind Reader and a few other spells the players will not know about yet. At sixteen years of age, Araes father was caught in possesion of some forbidden tomes he had never shown Arae, and he used the spells in them trying to protect them. The punishment was to be sealed away for fifteen years and having all his magical abilities drained for a further fifteen years afterwards. Due to the natures of the tomes, the tomes of the Mind-Warper that Arae COULD have been thought how to use by his father. As Arae had not used them, he could not be arrested. Rightly so, because Arae did not know of their existance. This did not stop the people around him from fearing he might know these spells. Arae suddenly became rejected by frinds as well as family, only putting up to him for having known him so long. But deep down, they all feared he was what he was not.

When the connection to other worlds was established Arae left Farajill altogether and went searching for someplace where people did not know about his powers. But Horock Don Machinko, who had spies searching for reqruitable wizards at all times found him before he found this place. They had been having their eyes on that world for a while, and Arae, surrounded by rumors of powerful spells and resentment for those around him was just what Horock had been searching for.

Arae was led in front of Horock, where he got a peculiar offer. Had Arae been of a different Character Alignment, he might have died right there. Now he is constantly in the shadow of Horocks room, always ready to step up for anything his boss requires, which usually have something to do with Arae using magic.


Arae was briefly seen in a small scene aranged for the players to see despite their characters unaware because of RandomNumberGods love for evil conversations. He read the mind of Steve Lackey


Being a mage of considerable power, Arae is bound to have a few spells ready. The only one the players know of is a high level Mind-Reader spell.




Quotes doesn't only apply to what the character has said, but also what other characters have said about him/her.

"Wh-what are you doing?" -Steve Lackey while being mind-read, apparently ignorant to Araes powers


  • Arae was supposed to be female. Wonder what happened.